Dare to be fair

We are flexible about a lot of things.
But the things we believe in, the things we stand for, and the things that we work for — these are some things that we’re not flexible about:

We believe in social and environmental sustainability — and that the world as we know it depends on it.

We believe in the power of communities — in and out of the workspace.

We believe that diversity is great in all its forms — we welcome people who are different, who think differently and do differently, and we’ll always try our hardest to be that kind of people ourselves.

We believe that we can all do good, be better and try harder — and we’ll always support those who do.

We believe that growth is important, and that everybody should have a choice to grow in the direction that they want. From employees who want to start a family to those who want to start a new career, who want to upskill or just up their game.

These things matter to us. We believe that these things matter to us all. We’re passionate about them. And we think so should everybody else. You’re always welcome to disagree (see above). But you won’t change our minds because

These are the things that we’re not flexible about.

Our Initiatives

Talk big. Walk bigger

Every company says they put their money where their mouth is. We work so much with meal tickets, we literally have to. But more than that: we’re in this to make a difference. To the world of work, and to the world in general. These are some of our key initiatives:


€50,000+ up to date

Our users can spend their benefits balance on donations to many certified NGOs, helping the causes they care about. We've happy to have co-matched +€10,000 up to date.

Caring days

Giving back

Every Coverflex employee gets 3 yearly caring days to spend working on projects, charities and NGOs they believe will make a better world.

Pricing for non-profits

Special customer, special price

Non-profit organisations get 40%+ off on Coverflex subscriptions to help them support their hard work - and everyone that does it.

Fully remote

Distributed remote workforce

Coverflexers work from wherever they feel comfortable and inspired. And they get a yearly budget that can be used to help make their workspaces more energy-efficient.

Carbon offsetting

Accounting and compensation

We take stock of our carbon emissions, and work with Plan A to make sure we offset all of them. It’s our world - and our responsibility.

1 customer = 1 tree

Our pledge

We’re helping to build a sustainable future for companies, and planting the seeds for a better future. So for every new company that signs up to Coverflex, we plant a new tree.

Employee ownership

We all have a stake in the future

Every Coverflexer gets Stock Options as part of our VSOP, no matter where they’re working from or who they are.

Family friendly

Above and beyond

New parents get +15 days of paternal and maternal leave (beyond what’s in the law) and kids' birthdays are also a free day off for the parents!

Personal development

€1,000 to grow

Every Coverflexer gets a yearly budget to invest in levelling up as a human being: whether that’s therapy, formal education, workshops, a hobby or something else.

Our partners

Purpose-Driven Values

The things we believe in inspire everything we do

Coverflex is here to make compensation work, for everyone.

It’s our job to make your job more rewarding. To make your life richer. To change the way you think about the first day of the month, the last day of the month, and all those working days in between.

These beliefs of ours shape the way we do business. Let us spell them out for you:

C - Compensation matters
V - Values over value
F - Further than Benefits
X - Xtreme employee obsession