the world is changing.

We're looking at a new reality and everyone is seeking to adapt.
Work has become something different, intertwined with every other part of our lives.
We're still coming to terms with what we want the future of work to look like.
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We need more
  • flexibility
  • transparency
  • connection
...when we work,
Early rising, burning the midnight oil and everything in between - your work schedule is whenever you’re working and that’s all there is to it.
night time
where we work,
work gets done from home, on the move and at the office. what we see from our window may vary everyday.
is key.
is key.
how we work,
we adapt. we change and grow. we’re not measured by our titles. we focus on connecting, on personalisation, on adding value. sitting at a desk, typing on a computer, walking using our phones are all different ways of working.
it's about connection
About helping companies care for their employees and give them what they need.
About helping employees make the most of their situation.
Companies and people are two parts of a whole, working together and facing each other.
If flexibility is queen and being able to adapt is the rule of the land, how is compensation staying the same?
Compensation the old way is broken.
It’s something everyone takes personally, but most people don't really understand. We simply accept the traditional models and aren't even aware that there is potential for a much more satisfying outcome.
Managing processes is time consuming
Companies have a hard time managing every single process separately and aren't able to be efficient in their offers. People don't have options to maximise their earning potential and choose what fits them best at any given moment.

It’s a missed opportunity to really connect, improve lives and make people happy.
It’s time for a change
a new day starts with a new dawn
A day to make our lives better, simpler, more informed. A day to rethink how we work and connect, what our time is worth and how we are compensated by the value we bring to the table.
It’s the day to bring companies and people together.
Coverflex is the missing piece that makes the relationship complete and everything work right: companies, people and compensation. A cover that brings everything together, making it whole.
system elements
Brand origins
F37 Ginger started out life as a typical Swiss sans serif, but as time went by, we couldn’t suppress the urge to give it a quirky geometric twist.
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